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Evidence-based. Research and data-driven information about things you care about.

Holistic. Whole person. After all, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are deeply connected.

Lifegiving. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Christ Centered. Because He first loved us.

Convenient. Resources for every woman, in every season at the click of a button.

Hey there! I’m Brookes.

I’m so happy that you stopped by. I’m the Founder of WoCo and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner on a mission to educate, equip, encourage, and empower women on this unique journey to whole health. Here at The Women’s Health Company my belief is that health encompasses not just the physical, but also the mental, emotional, spiritual and relational aspects of our lives. We cover it all! 

Educate. Equip. Encourage. Empower.

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A Heavenly Account

A Heavenly Account

We live in a real world that requires so much of our resources. I’m not just talking money. That’s part of it but not its entirety. We have...

Prison Doors

Prison Doors

Maybe you’ve never been behind physical bars, but is there something in your life holding you prisoner? What’s that “thing” that your mind goes to...

The Highest Council

The Highest Council

Yes it’s election time and the television, radio and internet are completely full of smear ads. Everyone wants to sway your thought process by...

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