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Hormone Health and Integrative Wellness tailored to YOU!

At The Women’s Health Copmany, we believe that health is multifaceted and all components of health are interconnected. For instance, our gut health impacts our hormone health, our emotional health impacts our gut health, our hormone health impacts our cardiovascular, bone, and brain health…And the list goes ON and ON!

As a patient with us, we will aim to identify root cause issues and offer sustainable and effective treatment options that include an array of nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, neutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals dependant upon your unique health picture. We offer both conventional lab testing as well as functional medicine testing (ie GI Map & food sensitivity), and we treat a variety of issues concerning women (ie PCOS, period problems, fertility concerns, preconception, postpartum, perimenopause, menopause, thyroid disorders, weight loss, hormonal acne, hair loss etc etc). 

New Patients:

To establish care, we require a two appointment process (you have the option of in-person or virtual).

Step 1: The FIRST VISIT includes a 50 minute comprehensive health consult to discuss your entire health history, review your current nutrition and lifestyle, discuss any symptoms and concerns, and tailor a detailed lab evaluation just for you.

Step 2: This is typically followed by a SECOND VISIT, which is also a 50 minute consult. In this visit, you will review your labs in detail with your provider and discuss a complete and individualized plan of care moving forward. Your plan of care will include nutrition and lifestyle modifications, supplementation, as well as medication / hormone replacement therapy if needed.

COST: $300 per visit


Established Patients:

We offer a few different visit types if you have already undergone the process above to establish care. 

1) 50 Minute Follow Up Visit (Virtual or In-Person): $250

2) 25 Minute Follow Up Visit (Virtual or In-Person): $150

3) 10 Minute Urgent Care Visit to address one urgent issue (i.e UTI, vaginitis, etc) (Virtual Only): $75

Weight Loss Program:

We work with women on a daily basis to optimize hormone and metabolic function and are often able to reach weight loss goals with lifestyle, nutrition, hormone replacement therapy, neutraceutical and/or additional pharmaceutical therapies alone. However, we truly believe that many of our patients will greatly benefit from the use of low dose GLP-1 agonists (ie compounded semaglutide) in conjunction with their holistic plan of care. We believe that these medications are safe and highly effective when utilized under the direct supervision of a licensed and trained medical provider who is also working to optimize nutrition and hormone/metabolic function of the patient.

We are offering this program after patients have first undergone the two-step process to establish care. This includes an initial visit & assessment with a full lab evaluation as well as a follow-up visit to review labs and establish a holistic plan of care. We truly believe in the importance of an integrative assessment and lab evaluation first to ensure that any underlying issues are being addressed simultaneously (ie inflammation, hormone deficiencies, thyroid disorders, nutrient deficiencies, etc). 

Further, we have found that these medications are extremely costly and almost always denied coverage by even the best insurance plans when it comes to weight loss use. Therefore, we only prescribe sterile compounded versions of these meds that are shipped directly to your doorstep.

The cost of the program is $800 every 2 months and includes an 8-week supply of medication as well as a follow up consultation with our provider.

Gut Health Testing

We offer GI map testing and food sensitivity testing through RUPA Health for established patients. These both can be key players in optimizing hormone health and reducing inflammation.

We order this type of testing through RUPA Health, and you are able to pay them directly for the cost of each test. These tests are performed at home. Cost varies depending upon the type and extensive nature of the test being ordered. We do not charge an additional fee for the test. We do require a 50 minute follow up visit to review your results and create a detailed plan of care.

Please note* – The Women’s Health Company, LLC is a cash pay, fee-for-service clinic.

We truly value the time and specialized care that we provide to each patient. Unfortunately, insurance plans often severely limit the time a practitioner can spend with a patient as well as the type of care they can provide. Therefore, we do not participate with any healthcare insurance plans. While appointments with our clinic are cash pay, you are able to use your private insurance plan to order bloodwork through LabCorp. We also accept HSA/FSA cards as payment.

The week prior to your first appointment, you will receive a non-refundable $10 invoice through our payment processor to hold your appointment. We will also store this credit card information on file and charge the remainder of your appointment at the time of your visit as well as any subsequent appointments that you may have. The card information is kept secure by our payment system.